About PediSTARS

About PediSTARS

PediSTARS (Pediatric Simulation Training and Research Society of India) was founded in August 2013. Since its inception it has played a key role in taking forward simulation based interventions in pediatric health care. PediSTARS took forward its agenda of promoting the use of simulation by conducting various workshops, conferences in different parts of the country in addition to hosting various key stakeholder meetings.

PediSTARS conducts annual conferences which sees attendance of various International and National simulation experts in both medical and Non-Medical fields. It also conducts various simulation based workshops to promote the use of simulation at workplace and as a training tool.
The society also is formally affiliated to Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS), INSPIRE Group (International Network for Simulation based Pediatric Research, Innovation & Education.)


• Advocate simulation based training in pediatric healthcare in India
• To decrease mortality and morbidity by improving the quality of prehospital and hospital care to sick children via simulation based education.


To improve the quality of care provided to sick children through simulation based interventions, ultimately helping to save lives.


• Empower the pediatric and perinatal simulation community in India
• Create a group dedicated to pediatric simulation-based innovations, education, research and advocacy
• Support effective, safe, and efficient individual, team and system improvements.
• Identify solutions for Simulation in Indian context.

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